In life, I rarely fit in anywhere. I would often find myself nudging and nestling others until I would. However, the shoe didn't quite fit. One day, I accepted it and learned how to make my own shoe that would fit my foot. A shoe that was custom made for Akilah. As I got older, I realized life was good and there was a place for me in the world. With my cosmetology license, I could do great things. I just wasn't sure what that was. Then it found me. Hair products! Nourishing hair products. Nourish Beauty! Aha, yes! Nourish Beauty was established.

I knew more products were needed. Products that are multifunctional and do what they say they're going to do. Products that were made from the heart, with ingredients that are beneficial to the hair. Hair types straight, wavy, curly, coily, and mixed textures needed more love. No one needed to be excluded. With proper knowledge, techniques, and products, hair has the ability to thrive. The ability to be healthy.

Too many were being left out, including myself. Product piles in the bathroom, showers, and closets. Products that didn't work for my hair type. Products I didn't want to throw away. Because depending on how you look at it, the jar was half empty or half full. Products that were full of ingredients that dried out the hair rather than nourishing it. I got to work and I did my research then came up with a plan to nourish the strands.



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